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Please join us for our wedding celebration on March 17, 2017

Our Engagement

It was a beautiful night on October 30th 2015.
Danny made plans to celebrate my birthday early since we would be at Danny's 1st NFL game watching the Giants play the Bucs on Nov. 8th 2015.

The evening began with Dinner at Cheesecake Factory. Then a rapid drive towards Disney Area.
We arrived at Disney's Grand Floridian to embark on our pontoon boat ride with close friends to watch the Magic Kingdom fireworks from the water. (Private pontoon boat ride --WOOT WOOT) Alicia was with us at dinner, then when we arrived at the Grand Floridian handed me a rose with a note of what she thought was special about me. Then Danny handed me another red rose with a note of what he thought was special about me. We arrived at the dock to board the pontoon, and Allison, Trish, and Reggie arrived. They each handed me a rose with the same. So SWEET! I felt uncomfortable with all this love...

It was a beautiful night with a light show on the water, then a small tour of the water surrounding the tiny islands between the Grand Floridian and Magic Kingdom. Our captain stopped our boat pretty much in the middle of the Magic Kingdom before the fireworks would begin. They let me pop the bubbly and I was allowed to shoot the cork in the water...which I almost hit the next boat over. Whoops! Then we were all .....